Rolfing: Alternative to traditional medical solutions for chronic pain.

Jeff Belanger Certified Advanced Rolfer, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Hi, I'm Jeff Belanger.  I was certified a Rolfer by the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado in 1982.  I have been practicing Rolfing ever since.  I am a Rolfer for two reasons: because I enjoy the work and because Rolfing produces great results for my clients.
I am not a Doctor. If you are interested in Rolfing as a solution for chronic pain, I urge you to check with your doctor first.  Many instances of chronic pain can be relieved with Rolfing but not all.  Only your doctor can advise you on the nature of your pain, diagnose your condition and prescribe treatment for you.
If you do decide to try Rolfing then give me a call or send an email to schedule a session or get more information.