"Jeff is an excellent body work therapist.  His expert understanding of the Rolfing system with it's sequencing and subtleties makes him truly gifted.  My experience of undergoing the complete series of sessions with Jeff was deeply satisfying.  After the work with Jeff many deep imbalances were brought into balance, and I benefited not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well." 

Laurie Blakeney, Yoga Teacher, Ann Arbor, Michigan

 "I first got Rolfing treatment from Jeff in 1994.  I had teriffic problems with my low back.  Even though I was 26 I felt like 96.  I had tried everything but surgery, which my doctors were predicting.  When I finally found Jeff and Rolfing, it was like a miracle."

Ron Koller, Management Consultant, South Lyon, Michigan

"Twenty years ago, I had never heard of Rolfing.  I suffered from low back pain and had tried everything from acupuncture to massage with no results.  Medical doctors gave me prescription muscle relaxants and wanted to perform surgery.  Chiropractors wanted to see me three times a week for life.  Someone suggested Rolfing and after trying a few others, my wife and I found Jeff Belanger.  We did our initial ten sessions, the advanced sessions and have been seeing him now for twenty years for maintenance sessions when we can get to Michigan.  As New Yorkers, we have tried numerous other Rolfers and have not had the care and results that we found with Jeff.  We think he is the BEST!  Rolfing has helped eliminate my back pain without surgery or drugs and has helped my wife recoup from serious aches and pains from a car accident.  I would highly recommend Jeff as a competent and caring Rolfer."  

Mark Taylor and Vera Angelico, New York City